The Brough Superior, the Steed that Helped Liberate Arabia, Rides Again

By Jonathan Ramsey in Luxist

Wealthy romantics rejoice: the Brough Superior is back. If that name doesn’t mean anything to you, how about this one: T. E. Lawrence, more exotically referred to as Lawrence of Arabia. The Brough Superior motorcycle, manufactured between 1919 and 1940, were so cherished by him that he owned eight, and died on that last one. At the time they cost around £150 when new, which was supposedly more than a house. They lasted about as long as well: 3,000 were made, 1,000 of them are still running.

Those thousand are about to have company, since the company has been bought and restarted production on the original Brough Superior. The new, handmade-in-England Superiors and exact replicas of those first Superiors, down to the 60-cubic-inch V-twin engine, lack of electronics, 55 miles per gallon, and 100-mile-per-hour top speed. The dearer-than-a-house price has come down, too: you’ll spend at least £120,000 ($183,607 U.S.) to get one built for your pleasure.


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