HP Designs Flexible, Solar-Powered Wrist Display for Combat

By Priya Ganapti in Gadget Lab

Most consumers appreciate the way gadgets keep getting thinner and lighter. But soldiers who use gadgets in the midst of extreme combat situations demand even more. That’s why Hewlett-Packard says it is working on a prototype of a solar-powered, lightweight computer display that can be wrapped around a soldier’s wrist.

The flexible display, just about 200 microns thick, could show data such as maps or directions. It will be powered by solar cells.

“Soldiers in the infantry carry enormous amounts of batteries and gadgets that can weigh up to 70 pounds,” says Carl Taussig, director of HP’s Information Surfaces lab, which is working on the project. “We could make it easier for them.”

The first prototypes will be offered to the military starting early next year, says Taussig.

The displays would be use E Ink’s display technology. But they will be manufactured using a roll-to-roll process, similar to the way ink is printed on paper.

[Read More http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/04/hp-flexible-wrist-display%5D

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