A single USB key to backup and restore your entire PC

Farstone’s TotalRecovery USB comes in a little USB flash drive which allows you to backup or restore all the data in your PC. You just need to plug the TotalRecovey USB key into the USB port of your computer and reboot. You’ll then be able to choose to backup, or recover a copy of the data on the entire hard drive to or from any locations such as an external HDD, networked drive, CD/DVD etc.

The TotalRecovery USB key runs a Win-PE system which is able to mount to any attached drives or networked resources in a matter of minutes. The USB key makes it easy for you to clone the hard drive to any external resources such as hard drive, CD/DVD and networked drives etc. In the case of disaster, you can easily recover the data from the external or networked drives.

The TotalRecovery USB key also has data wiping software loaded (meets the DOD data destruction standards), which you can use to wipe out all the data on your computer. In the case that you want to sell your computer on eBay, you can be sure that all your confidential data is properly destroyed before passing it to the buyer.

[Via http://www.techchee.com/2010/03/22/a-single-usb-key-to-backup-and-restore-your-entire-pc/%5D

One response to “A single USB key to backup and restore your entire PC

  1. Sounds like something I need. I will have to keep my eye open.

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