Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a ‘hoverwing’

By Richard Shears in the UK’s Mail Online

New Zealand mechanic Rudy Heeman has spent the last eleven years building a hovercraft. Its’ optimum height is about 4ft 6in above the water

The hoverwing sets off like a normal-hovercraft but when it reaches top speed of 60mph, its wings can be extended and it takes flight.

Mr Heeman is guarding the technical details as an industrial secret.

But he said: “It’s an extremely efficient method of transport, travelling at about 6ft over the water and reaching speeds of over 60mph across the surface.”

The first test flight ended in a crash landing.

He escaped with a bruised leg and and it was back to the drawing board. But after hours of tinkering he made the necessary adjustments and now believes the hoverwing is ready.

It has room for one passenger, but Mr Heeman has yet to decide who to choose.

The father of two, a Dutchman, says he has had lots of volunteers, but adds: “I owe it to a family member really because of their incredible support, but it will not be without risk.”

One incentive for any future buyer is that a flying licence is not required.

Aviation and maritime authorities agree that the hoverwing is a marine craft.

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