First stunning pictures from the space station’s room with the ultimate view

From the UK’s Daily Mail

Looking out through the brand new observation deck on the International Space Station, this is one room with a helluva view.

The vast Sahara Desert can be seen in impressive detail through the array of seven windows more than 200miles above Earth.

It was the first image taken through the Italian-made cupola since it was installed on the new Tranquility module.

‘It will give us a view of the entire globe. It’s absolutely incredible,’ said astronaut Jeff Williams from inside the cupola.

The £17million cupola has a serious purpose apart from giving fabulous views for the astronauts on board. It will be used by crew members to operate the robotic arms on the station as well as monitor the approach of supply ships.

Before now the mission specialists relied solely on video screens to look at the outside of the craft.

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