Queen Victoria’s passion for nudity goes on display in new art exhibition

By Roya Nikkhah, Arts Correspondent of the UK’s Telegraph

She is portrayed as a repressed and melancholy widow who spent much of her life clad in black.

But a new art exhibition will challenge this traditional view of Queen Victoria by revealing her as a passionate, open-minded woman.

Victoria & Albert: Art & Love is the first-ever show to focus on the enthusiasm for art shared by Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and her husband, Prince Albert.

It reveals the couple’s starkly-differing attitudes towards works of art, with the queen favouring titillating images featuring plenty of naked flesh, while her husband appears prudish by comparison.

[Read the full article at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-news/7228202/Queen-Victorias-passion-for-nudity-goes-on-display-in-new-art-exhibition.html%5D

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