V-8, Power Steering, Even a Kitchen Sink

DINING SECTION This ’56 Cadillac Sixty Special contains a full-service kitchen where a front passenger used to sit.

By Nick Kurczewski in The New York Times

Among the roughly 2,500 vintage vehicles offered at the collector-car auctions that began last week in Arizona were one-off design studies by automakers, race cars that soldiered through international events and vehicles once owned by celebrities.

But it’s safe to say there was nothing else like the Maharani Special.

Built by General Motors for its 1956 Motorama show, a traveling exhibition of extravagant dream cars and the latest in automotive technology, this Cadillac was loaded with conveniences intended to serve an on-the-go potentate with a hearty appetite.

Outside, the Maharani — the name refers to the wife of a maharajah — looks much like any other ’56 Cadillac Sixty Special Fleetwood, the sedan that served as its starting point. But step inside and you are confronted with an interior that might leave the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay at a loss for (four-letter) words. The space once devoted to the front passenger seat is replaced by an array of culinary appliances, including a toaster, refrigerator, hot plate, cutlery holder and, yes, a kitchen sink.

[Read the full article at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/24/automobiles/collectibles/24KITCHEN.html%5D


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