Leading surgeon launches new device for the treatment of Tennis Elbow

Ranjan Vhadra, a leading orthopaedic surgeon has launched a revolutionary new MHRA approved medical device for the treatment of lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as Tennis Elbow.

From the 1st of February a new treatment for Tennis Elbow, a painful condition often unrelated to playing tennis, is available to sufferers. Anyone who has experienced the pain of lateral epicondylitis will know that a trip to the doctors is often of little use as there are few options for treatment. Rest, strapping of the elbow, steroid injections, anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery are some of the courses of treatment that are often recommended to alleviate the pain. However, none are effective and all treatments carry some degree of risk or side effects.

Developed over the last seven years and patented worldwide, a new device has now been launched to treat Tennis Elbow called Tenease. Tenease works to alleviate the pain caused by the condition and is also reported to accelerate the recovery of some users. Small, portable and suitable for home use the device straps to the elbow and works with low frequency vibrations to stimulate blood flow to the area and stop the pain by impeding the transmission of the pain signals to the brain.

[Full details at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/01/prweb3498594.htm%5D


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