Apple’s Tablet: a gizmo to save the world

Steve Jobs, the man with a mission to rescue us from electronic servitude, is about to reveal his vision of the future. Brace yourselves, says William Langley in the UK’s Telegraph:

Later this week, Steve Jobs, the black-clad begetter of the iPod, iMac and iPhone, and arguably the coolest man in the history of circuitry, will launch a product so new and exciting that a better word than “revolutionary” will be needed to describe how revolutionary it is.

Given that Steve’s company, Apple Inc, attaches a particular virtue to not telling potential customers what it has in the works, the precise nature of the new gizmo remains mysterious. But the froth of expectation bubbling up in the tech world largely centres on it being a tablet-sized computer that will browse the internet, play games, movies and music, make phone calls, secure the future of the written word, reshape the way we live, work and think, keep the rain off, and double up as a chopping board. All this for a launch price of $900 (£560), which includes the kudos of being the first to whip one out of your shoulder bag.

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