Tourist map shows how to avoid the Mafia

From Australia’s News.Com

German tourists can now obtain a map of Sicily’s capital Palermo flagging the shops that refuse to pay extortion money to the Mafia.

“The Addiopizzo tourist map signals all the shops in Palermo that have pledged not to pay racketeering fees,” the German embassy in Rome said in a statement.

The Sicilian mafia, the Cosa Nostra, extorts money from many businesses on the island, notably in Palermo.

Ambassador Michael Steiner decided to finance the German-language map because “Germans are the largest tourist contingent in Sicily, both in terms of numbers and spending,” the embassy said.

The map is geared towards “two groups who have common interests: the people of Palermo who love their city, and German tourists who love Palermo and do not want to support racketeering,” the statement said.

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