English Hospital For The Criminally Insane Could Become Luxury Hotel

We’ve seen a few old psychiatric hospitals begin the conversion into luxury real estate but the latest is one of the most infamous hospitals in England. Broadmoor in Crowthorne, Berkshire houses a motley crew of dangerous criminals including the Yorkshire Ripper and the Suffolk Strangler. A plan to turn the stately old building into a luxury hotel or apartments could help finance a new psychiatric hospital. A spokesman for West London Mental Health NHS Trust told The Independent newspaper that they are planning to build the new hospital alongside the existing Broadmoor site and that pieces of the current hospital complex no longer needed by the NHS could be sold.

The building opened in 1863 as the firstr asylum for the criminally insane. Patients have included Roderick MacLean, who attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria in 1882, the Moors murderer Ian Brady and gangster Ronnie Kray. Over the last few years the hospital has come under fire for the care of its patients. The hospital’s barred windows have been a subject of controversy – five inmates have hung themselves from the bars in the last decade. The hospital was forbidden from removing the bars because the building is listed as a Grade II structure. Grade II listed buildings are designated as particularly important buildings of more than special interest. The listing keeps the building safe but presumably renovation into a hotel would lead to a removal of the bars.

[Via http://www.luxist.com]


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