Opening Today – The Burj Dubai Tower

This year will finally see the long-awaited opening of the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Dubai. The tower which is essentially a vertical city will have over 12,000 people living and working in it and has over 160 stories. The mixed-use tower includes the Armani Residences, prime apartments with furnishings by Armani Casa which will open up for residents in February. The Armani Hotel Dubai will open later and is one of nine hotels planned for the tower.

On Monday, developer Emaar Properties will take charge of the property and from January 5 on, the public will be able to visit ‘At The Top’, the world’s highest observation deck on Level 124 of the tower. Construction started back in 2004 and the tower has topped out at a height of 2,683 feet. The Burj Dubai will be the tallest free-standing structure in the world with the highest number of stories in the world and has an elevator with the longest travel distance in the world.

In many ways the lofty skyscraper is a symptom of Dubai’s overweening belief in its own future. The tower was meant to show the world the strength of Dubai’s real estate market and is growing draw in the world but it already seems to already be outdated, a shining symbol of a more carefree time, a time before people lost their faith in real estate. The tower has 37 floors of office space which is expected to be mostly vacant for a long while even though Emaar Properties has said that the building is sold out.

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