The Sharker

The SHARKER is a lightweight self-supporting carbon-fibre monocoque motorbike, which has been developed be the GERG GROUP. The newest innovation and technology has been integrated into this project to create a unique mobility experience featuring:

> newest light technology with high-performance LEDs
> continuously adjustment of seat and handlebar within 30 sec. for totally adaptable driving positions
> brake-fluid compensation tank integrated in the mirror to keep the design clear
> new developed hub-center steering (HCS), chassis and suspension
> electromechanic push button gearshifter
> quickshifter for full throttle upshifting without the clutch
> “thumb-brake” for the rear wheel like in MotoGP Racing
> indicators integrated in the mirror glass
> keyless go with personalized code
> weight: 140 kg
> power: 140 PS (1 PS per kg)
> acceleration: 0-100 in 4 sec.
> top-speed: 200 – 280 km/h (depends on transmission ratio)

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