Easy, Tiger, Easy…

SMS Snoop is the latest application developed by Chris Mahoney founder and Director of Anasoft Consulting. It’s designed to catch those using and abusing mobile phone technology by cheating on a spouse or partner through SMS.

The concept is simple – a worried spouse installs the application onto the target’s phone. Then, every text sent or received on the target phone is forwarded via SMS to their phone.

This data can then be saved or retrieved at any time, and provides proof of any inappropriate SMS activity.

The product was developed based on a survey conducted online by Pure Profile on behalf of Telstra in May, 2009. It found that, “one in four Australians said they discovered their partner was cheating by reading a text message.”

“Technology is meant to help us, to improve our quality of life…instead, the ease of instant mobile messaging has encouraged people to do things they might not have otherwise considered. Hopefully with this kind of technology people will think twice before engaging in this kind of activity” said Chris, of Anasoft Consulting.

Applications for this software are not limited to cheating spouses but can also be used by diligent parents or companies to keep track of SMS activity.

SMS Snoop is user friendly, easy to download and very affordable.


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