Mobile Cinema Projector

This new easy to use LED projector comes with an integrated DVD player, built-in stereo speakers and the capability to project an image up to 50 inches large on your wall.

Ideal for kids’ bedrooms, family get-togethers and movie night parties, the robust MCDVDP uses clever LED technology, so power consumption is low and lamp life is long. And because it’s portable you can move it between rooms with ease.

Product Features:

* Portable projector with integrated DVD player and stereo speakers for enjoying movie in 127cm (50″) diagonal picture size
* Great low cost cinema entertainment system
* Robust and light weight; easy to store and portable
* Karaoke player with external microphone jack for singing along favourite songs (microphone not included)
* Simple and easy to use
* LED technology allows longer lamp life (more than 10,000 hours) and lower power consumption

The Mobile Cinema DVD Projector is available from for £160 (about $260).



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