The Arthritis Pain Relieving Gloves

These gloves stimulate blood circulation in the hands, promoting relief from arthritic pain while you perform your daily routine or while you sleep. The gloves exert a gentle compression and are lined with a patented material that facilitates blood flow throughout the hands and can increase the hands’ subcutaneous temperature by up to 3º F, which can reduce swelling, improve the mobility of joints and ligaments, and help relieve arthritic pain. The gloves wick away moisture and allow the hands to breathe, ensuring comfort during extended periods of use. A study by the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia showed the gloves provided “considerable relief” or “total relief” of pain in 83% of patients. The gloves leave your fingertips exposed and are made from a flexible material, allowing you to grasp objects, dial a phone, or perform chores while maintaining your optimal tactility.


One response to “The Arthritis Pain Relieving Gloves

  1. I have never heared of these gloves. I would be interested in using them on a few people to see how well they work. Arthritis is so common. It would be nice to find an easy way to ease the symptoms, without a ton of medication.

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