Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece

Originally Designed For Secret Service, A Headset Finally Available To The Public
The Micro Bluetooth Spy Earpiece fits deep within your ear and is so tiny, no one will be able to detect it. It can easily be removed with one of the included super strong magnets. Once the Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece is in your ear it will directly sync with any Bluetooth cell phone letting the person on the other line hear exactly what’s going on where you are, and giving them the ability to speak directly into your ear, without anyone in the room hearing it.

Both Parties Can Hear, Speak, & Send Secret Messages Using This Bluetooth Spy Phone
This is audio surveillance taken to the next level. Associates can give you information, directions, or just listen in on your conversation with your approval to ensure safety. No one will know you’re “wired.” You can even silently communicate with associates using the attached Morse Code silent beeper button, perfect for situations when you can’t talk. You can tap once for “Yes,” twice For “No” to communicate covertly.

Communicate Without Words Worldwide Through Any Bluetooth Cell Phone
The Invisible Bluetooth Spy Earpiece comes with a neck loop transmitter, microphone, and covert Morse Code button. The button is attached to a long wire. You could run it down a pant leg and put the button underneath your toe, or you can hide it in your pocket. Upon pressing the beeper button, a beep tone is sent to your associates over the phone, no matter where they are in the world. Use the covert Morse Code button to signal one click for yes, two clicks for no, or get more advanced with full fledged Morse code communication, without anyone knowing what you’re doing.


If the magnet doesn’t come up with the goods, I guesse a trip to the ENT department of your local hospital would be a good idea…


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