You Tube Videos: The Best Channels

1. Chow’s channel ( ) offers practical guidance for gourmands from cooking perfect rice to cleaning a rack of lamb with string.

2. Berkeley’s channel ( is packed with superb lectures. Among the most popular are Professor Marian Diamond’s on integrative biology: she looks like a Golden Girl but knows how to dissect brains.

3. At Cambridge ( you can see David Starkey hold forth on Henry VIII or William Hague on William Pitt.

4. There are almost 140,000 uploads on the Expert Village channel (, so you can learn a range of skills from playing a guitar to crafting an origami star.

5. ( has instructional videos on how to tie a tie, fold a pocket square, sniff out a good wine and perfect a loop choke self-defence manoeuvre.

6. Howcast ( videos run the gamut, teaching you how to beat stage fright or make inside out sushi but also how to fake being sober and live in your car.

7. Searching for meaning? Check out the latest from Pope Benedict XVI (, hear testimonials from Scientologists ( and listen to the oracle that is Oprah Winfrey (

8. The Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting ( features news stories under-reported in the mainstream press.

9. UChannel ( doesn’t look slick, but with lectures from the likes of Michio Kaku, Paul Krugman and Tony Blair it’s as high-minded as YouTube gets.


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