Docomo Handset Splits Into Touch Phone, Bluetooth Peripheral Device

Docomo Phone

NTT Docomo Inc announced the “Separate Keitai F-04B,” which can be separated into a display unit and a keyboard unit, at its product announcement meeting Nov 10, 2009.

The display and keyboard units communicate data with each other via Bluetooth. A prototype of the handset, which was developed by Fujitsu Ltd, was exhibited in October 2008 at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.

“We have been working together with Fujitsu to commercialize the handset since 2008,” NTT Docomo said.

The main functions of the F-04B, including the main board equipped with a communication circuit and an application processing circuit, are integrated in the display unit.

The 3.4-inch LCD panel of the display unit is mounted with a touch panel that allows to input characters. Therefore, it is possible to make a call, send an e-mail and watch 1seg digital TV broadcasts without the keyboard unit, the company said. In a sense, the keyboard unit is a bluetooth peripheral device that can be used as a keyboard, microphone and speaker.

When the two units are attached together, the F-04B becomes a slide handset. When they are separated, the keyboard unit allows QWERTY style typing. If one of the two units is lost, it is possible to make the lost unit emit light and sound (the Keitai Search function).

Each of the display and keyboard units is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of about 800mAh, NTT Docomo said. To charge the batteries, the two units have to be jointed together, and the power terminal on the display unit is used.



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