The Coral Reef Squadron R.I.P.

In response to the news (see tag below) that Phuket’s “Coral Reef Squadron” of decommissioned Douglas C-47 Dakota Skytrain military transport aircraft sunk as an artificial reef is now almost totally destroyed, Ken Why offers this gem:

Demise of the Coral Reef Squadron

Mournful news from the Andaman Sea,
Each Skytrain has broken its tether;
The remarkable Coral Reef Squadron, you see,
Has succumbed to the grim monsoon weather.

They were anchored so firmly to bases;
The fishes had made them their home,
The prawns had explored all the spaces-
A veritable marine honeycomb.

When the currents picked up in the ocean,
Did the C-47’s conceive
They were feeling the old airborne motion,
And the tower had signalled they leave ?

They looked for that old Very “green one”;
Brakes released, they started to roll
Down the sandy runway which gave them great fun,
But where undersea was their goal ?

They lifted their tales from the sea floor,
And headed for heaven knows where;
The C.O.’s “Recall” they chose to ignore,
Now the Squadron is cruising “out there”.

So if any of you with your lenses,
Just happen to see, when submerged,
Something that bothers your senses
Or a place where the sand has just surged.

Please look for a tall fin and rudder,
And then take a snap of the spot;
Where a Skytrain put down with a judder,
To lie there and probably rot.


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